Discover our sustainable green range designed for professionals

Spontex Professional's mission is to help you efficiently execute cleaning tasks whilst reducing the impact on the environment. To face waste & pollution issues and preserve the environment, we have developed sustainable products while delivering the same expected Spontex Professional standards in terms of cleaning efficiency, quality and durability.
We believe that every bit counts.
Let's act together for a better planet !

Use reusable & washable products
Use products with recycled materials
Use products made of plant-based materials
Use products with no or minimal colourants

Our innovations

Bi-functional sponge with a scourer made of recycled fibres and a 100 % biodegradable cellulose. Very high absorption.

An eco-friendly scouring pad, without colourants, made of 100% recycled fibres (polyester and walnut shells)
Ideal for multi-usage applications.

An eco-friendly cuttable scouring roll, without colourants, made of 100% recycled fibres (polyester and walnut shells).
Ideal for multi-usage applications

Colour coded recycled microfibre cloths to help reduce cross-contamination. Proven to remove 99% of bacteria. Ideal for all types of surfaces.